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Perfect Mesh Collection November Update

Dear Fearless Supporters –

We’ve got a manufacturing update on the Perfect Mesh Collection!

In our last update, we talked about our top two styles that are moving into the next phase. The brief and hipster were the most popular, and we’ve made a lot of progress since then!

Updates from our last Fit Test #3:
In our third round of fit testing, we were happy to see that our rise and crotch width adjustments were just right. However, the panty had a tendency to wedgy, which we all know, isn’t comfortable at all. We were hoping to only need 3 rounds of fit testing, but with the wedgies, we knew we’d need at least one more to fix the problem.

So we got another set of samples…
We realized one way to fix the wedgy problem was to adjust the orientation of the stretch. While the mesh fabric stretches in both a horizontal & vertical direction, it does stretch more in one vs. the other. It was originally oriented with the more stretchy direction vertically. By switching the stretchier direction to horizontal, the panty can better stretch over different butt & belly shapes without creating wedgies. We’ve just gotten in a sample with this new direction & we’re doing a fit test this week. Our fit tests take a little longer because we test with FIVE sizes rather than other brands that only use one.

Everything is taking longer with global delays…
Compounding the challenges are the global manufacturing and shipping delays. Samples are taking longer to produce and get to us, which is frustrating! We want the Perfect Mesh to be a reality as quickly as you do! Rest assured, we are working as fast as we can without compromising quality and comfort to get our order in as soon as possible.

Stay tuned for updates from the current Fit Test #4
We can’t thank you enough for being part of this journey. Your faith in our product and in our team inspire us everyday. Keep an eye out for our next update where we’ll share the learnings from this latest fit test, and feel free to reply to this email if any questions come up in the interim.

Thank you!

Much love,
Dr. Deb
Head of Design & Product Development

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