Are your intimates worth the price?

How to shop for quality underwear, and why it matters

Upgrading your underwear gets an A+ in our book for several reasons. First, you’re clothing some pretty sensitive, and sacred parts of your body. In fact, if you’re familiar with the ultra cool Mama Gena and her new book, this part of a woman’s body is responsible for her power. And when it’s treated well and taken care of, you can tap into that power in a big way. Plus, underwear is with you all day – as you work, work out, meet with clients, meet a new Tinder date, volunteer, and conquer the world. So that means wearing those worn thin, stretched out, stained underwear is not helping you step up as the superwoman you are. But we know that shopping for great quality underwear isn’t always the easiest – how do you actually know if it’s worth the price? Continue reading


New Brand Spotlight: White Rabbit + Panty Drop

Make over your underwear drawer with smart, sustainable undies

We’re super excited to launch our newest brand partnership with White Rabbit! Each pair of White Rabbit undies is thoughtfully designed and ethically made from superior materials, so they are comfortable, cute, and sustainable. As an exceptional lingerie brand with a social mission, White Rabbit was a perfect fit for Panty Drop. In this post, we go behind the scenes with co-founder Mariana Hernandez to get the scoop on why she started White Rabbit and what makes them special.

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Ethical Undies – Why they Matter

It’s time to start paying attention to how your lingerie is made

Finding a great deal is one of life’s best little victories, but that victory is a hollow one if it comes at another person’s expense. Unfortunately, when it comes to apparel, the search for cheap, fashionable clothing is a zero-sum game. In an industry littered with examples of human rights abuses in manufacturing, it’s time to start paying attention to where our clothes, especially those we wear closest to our bodies, are coming from. Here’s why ethical undies matter, and how you can find them. Continue reading


How We Give through our Giving Program

A #GivingTuesday Update from our Founder

At Panty Drop, we believe in inspiring and empowering women to be all that they can be. Unfortunately, the stats show there’s a very real and significant gender leadership gap. While women make up just over 50% of the population, they are severely underrepresented at the top of the corporate and public service ladders. Sure, there are more and more of us starting in the workforce; but, by the time we advance to leadership positions later in our careers, there aren’t many of us left. That’s the gender leadership gap, and it’s what we aim to fix through our Giving Program. Continue reading


Our ultimate underwear gift-giving guide for men

The do’s & don’ts of giving underwear as a gift

Hey guys, this one is for you! At Panty Drop, we’re on a mission to “inspire women to be the best they can be”, and we know that it all starts with great underwear. We’re a subscription box that drops panties at the front door of women who are go getters, difference makers, and beautiful inside and out. Sound like your gal? Then she’s our gal, too. We think underwear is the perfect holiday gift for your girlfriend, wife, or partner. But we found that quite a few men have some doubts about how to pick the perfect pair. That’s why we created this ultimate underwear gift-giving guide – it’ll demystify the process for you, and ensure you surprise her with something she’ll really like. Continue reading


Panty Drop teams up with Seamless Thread

Our newest brand solves your toughest panty problems

Here at Panty Drop, we’re really excited to launch Seamless Thread as one of our new brands on the Premium plan. When I first spoke with Maggie Han, who founded Seamless Thread, I knew they’d be perfect. At Panty Drop, we take the work out of underwear shopping for you, and that includes finding new brands that you might not see yet in your local department store. Seamless Thread aims to solve some of the toughest panty problems out there with two collections, Camel No® and Signature Essentials. In this post, we go behind the scenes with Maggie so you can learn more about her founding story and the Seamless Thread styles we’re shipping now. 

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4 Ways to Give Old Undies a Second Life

Don’t just toss it. What to do with your old underwear

Like looking at old pictures, digging into the back of your underwear drawer can be a bit of a mixed bag. You might see some things that make you feel nostalgic — oh, there’s the novelty pair you got in Vegas! — and others that make you cringe. Yikes, remember when that sports bra actually had functioning elastic? Cleaning out your drawer of drawers feels crazy liberating, and it’s just one little way you can take care of yourself. But don’t just drop your panties in the trash, where they’ll begin a long journey to an overcrowded landfill. Here are 4 ways you can give those babies a new life. Continue reading


What’s Cooking for Fall from Honeydew Intimates

See the latest styles we’re shipping

There’s something exciting in the air when the season changes. It’s in the little things, like breaking out your favorite comfy boots or indulging in a new seasonal specialty at your local coffee shop. Updating your lingerie drawer with something fresh and flirty from Honeydew Intimates can keep that boost going all day long. That’s the beauty of a women’s subscription underwear box from Panty Drop — having the perfect panty picks show up at your door just when you’re feeling the itch for something new.  Continue reading


Panty Power Profile: Casey Sibley

Our chat with awesome female founder, Casey Sibley

Casey Sibley is the creative force behind Casey D. Sibley Art + Design, a Reno, NV based studio that specializes in textile design and accessories and homegoods meant to inspire a happy life. Casey creates products that are colorful and bold – products that are not only functional, but also beautiful and high-quality. She makes happiness a priority and looks to inspire others to do the same in both her business and personal life.  Continue reading