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How to Wash your Panties

Tips for washing your panties so they last longer

Wearing panties is fun. Shopping for panties – not so much. Washing panties? Forget about it. When it comes to shopping, Panty Drop has you covered. We’ll shop for your panties so you don’t have to. But when it comes to washing them, you’re on your own. Good news, though! We’ve got some super simple tips for getting them clean and fresh, and why washing them well can help them last longer.

Cotton panties can easily be thrown in the wash with the rest of your clothes. Just keep in mind that high heat (from the water or the dryer) will cause the elastic to shrivel. In fact, the dryer is a no fun zone for panties in general. If your panties have lace, or are made of a microfiber or other non natural material, we suggest skipping the dryer. When you’re moving clothes from the washer to the dryer, just pick out the panties and let them air dry. Or, to be extra gentle on your undies, you can hand wash and air dry. We know, that sounds like a pain, but it’s actually really easy. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Pick the panties

Sort your underwear by light and dark. Just like with other clothing, dark underwear color can bleed onto light underwear. Set them into piles and wash one set of undies at a time.

Step 2: Suds up with soap

Using a really gentle lingerie or silk wash is 100% the way to go here. Your usual stuff is a little too harsh on delicate underthings. So stick with suds that are meant for this sort of thing. We like Soak, LeBlanc, The Laundress, and Forever New, personally.

Step 3: Bathe in a basin

Pick a clean bucket, basin, sink, or any other container and soak your panties + the soap + lukewarm water. Just literally let them sit there and soak in the good stuff. Usually, you can let them sit for about an hour (go watch an episode on Netflix in the meantime!)

Step 4: Rinse and rub

OK let’s be super honest here, ladies. Panties have a tendency to get a little dirty in a certain area. Right? Do we need to explain the complexities of the female body, or can we all agree that yes, this happens? Good? Moving on. So to tend to this area of the panty, you may need to do a little extra cleaning. It’s usually a good idea to take the panty and rub the material against itself, between your fingers, while rinsing it under cool water. This slight friction will clean out any residue and leftover soapiness. Boom.

Step 5: Drip dry

Use a nifty dry rack with clips, hang them from a clothesline, or lay them over a chair back. Any way you do it, just make sure you let the air get to them for a natural dry. And if you’re worried about drips, give them a nice squeeze (without wringing too tight, or you’ll stretch them out) before hanging, and put a little towel underneath the drying area. Problem solved.

What do you think? Go through that dirty clothes pile and find those panties you’ve been avoiding washing. Show them a little TLC, and tomorrow morning you’ll have a fresh start in your panty drawer!

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