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Panty Power Profile: Casey Sibley

Our chat with awesome female founder, Casey Sibley

Casey Sibley is the creative force behind Casey D. Sibley Art + Design, a Reno, NV based studio that specializes in textile design and accessories and homegoods meant to inspire a happy life. Casey creates products that are colorful and bold – products that are not only functional, but also beautiful and high-quality. She makes happiness a priority and looks to inspire others to do the same in both her business and personal life. 

With today’s Power Panty Profile, we’re diving into Casey’s world and learning about how and why she started her own creative business, her motivations and we’ll even hear about an embarrassing panty moment!

What’s your role at Casey D. Sibley Art + Design?

I kind of do just about everything at the moment, although I’m trying to be better about finding help for the things I’m not great at or don’t have time to do well! I founded the business and currently design and make all of the products, as well as manage all of the behind-the-scenes management of the business.

How or why did you start the business? How long ago?

I officially started the business in late 2012, although I had been dabbling with selling my artwork online for about a year prior to that. I was working as an architect, on a very practical and responsible path, but was nagged by the feeling that something was missing in my career. Originally from Mississippi, I moved to Reno, NV with my husband in 2011 and had about a month of free time while looking for another architecture job. I decided to sell some of my artwork online–partly out of curiosity, and partly out of desperation to make a little extra money. My first sales were to family and friends, but that was enough to ignite the fire in me to become a creative business owner. I’ve been obsessed ever since! About a year into selling art online, I figured out how to have my artwork printed onto fabric, and started making products out of my custom fabrics.

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What keeps you motivated and moving forward?

Mostly, I love working for myself and using my creativity every day to create products that I am proud of. It amazes me that people will pay me money to do the things I used to do as a kid: painting, drawing, making things with my hands. I also really enjoy watching the business grow, and often feel that the joy of business strategy equals or outweighs the joy of making the products.

I’m very inspired by the idea of making one’s own way, and living an intentional and creative life. That is something that I try to infuse into all of the products and talk about a lot in the hopes that I might be able to inspire someone else to pursue something that brings them joy every day.

What’s an exciting upcoming milestone?

This August I will be attending my very first trade show, called NY Now. This is a chance to get my brand in front of many more stores and media outlets to hopefully grow the business in exciting ways. I recently raised money to go to the show by launching a pre-sale of my fall collection on Kickstarter (it was a success!). This whole year so far has been majorly focused on these milestones, so it feels great to see them becoming a reality.

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What is the best advice you’ve gotten when it comes to business?

Start before you feel ready. I spent many, many years in my twenties longing to make a living as an artist and be my own boss, but would never let myself get past the daydream phase. It wasn’t until I was literally jobless and desperate that I finally decided to get over my fear of putting my amateur work into the world. The whole process of growing this business has been exhilarating, scary, disappointing, and insanely rewarding. It ebbs and flows. There are many “what ifs” involved, but you will never know for sure what the outcome will be unless you jump in…and you may never feel ready for it so you might as well go for it now!

Who has been an inspiration for you and why?

I’m inspired by so many people, but the ones that stand out the most are the people who started with so little and were determined to make their product, idea, or desired life a reality.

Ones that come to mind immediately are Oprah (that one is easy), Jonathan Adler, and the founder of Spanx, Sarah Blakely. Each of them knew early on that they would create something amazing and just never gave up. I think it’s easy to see success stories online and think that people did it overnight–they make it look easy! But I have a special place in my heart for the people that pull back the curtain and show us where they started and who encourage others to go for it.

What are your favorite panty styles?

Lacey thongs or full coverage cotton briefs. I can’t stand a panty line that hits the middle of my cheeks!

Do you have a funny underwear story you’d be willing to share?
When I was in middle school, we had to cross a huge plaza in front of the high school for our gym class. It was always a big deal because my friends and I wanted to look cool in front of the high school boys. One day while walking back to the middle school after gym class, I realized half-way across the plaza that my skirt was tucked into my panties. I gave everyone a clear view of my very white, very cotton, very unflattering undies.

Are you as inspired by Casey as we are? Follow her at @caseydsibley on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Snapchat, and check out her website at

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