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What’s Cooking for Fall from Honeydew Intimates

See the latest styles we’re shipping

There’s something exciting in the air when the season changes. It’s in the little things, like breaking out your favorite comfy boots or indulging in a new seasonal specialty at your local coffee shop. Updating your lingerie drawer with something fresh and flirty from Honeydew Intimates can keep that boost going all day long. That’s the beauty of a women’s subscription underwear box from Panty Drop — having the perfect panty picks show up at your door just when you’re feeling the itch for something new. 

One of the reasons we’ve teamed up with Honeydew Intimates on our Basic plan is because the pretty-yet-functional panty designs add to that feeling of exhilaration. Most of us have gotten used to choosing between “sexy” and “comfortable” when it comes to our underthings, but Honeydew makes hipsters and thongs that feel spectacular, move with your curves and look absolutely stunning. The color palette alone is jaw-dropping — deep violets, zephyr blues and minty greens pair with sumptuous lacy details for an aesthetic you’ll love.

We won’t give away the secret of which styles and colors you’ll receive (no one likes spoilers!), but here’s a glimpse of some of our Fall favorites to get you even more pumped for the season.

Ahna Bikini and Thong


Who says comfort has to be boring? We’re pretty sure Marie Antoinette would wear these panties if she were around today — the elegant scalloped lace is certainly fit for royalty. Also, the lace is super-soft instead of scratchy, so you feel like a queen even if you’re in yoga class, at work or on the bike trail.

Camelia Lace Hipsters and Thongs


The geniuses at Honeydew Intimates have managed to design a panty with the vintage allure of lace updated for modern fashion sensibilities. The floral camellia pattern combines with bright jewel tones for panties that are both sexy and fun.

Skinz Seamless Bikinis and Thongs


Sometimes, you need extra performance from your underwear, and that’s where the Skinz Hipster and the Skinz Thong come in. There’s no chance of VPL (visible panty lines), even under your stretchiest LBD (little black dress). Look closely — there’s not a single seam!

If you’ve been thinking about refreshing your wardrobe this Fall with a women’s subscription underwear box, there’s no better time than now. Join our mailing list and get 40% off your first box.

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