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Please, Somebody Buy Me Panties

This post was originally published on the Reno Mom’s Blog by Megan Duggan.

I hate buying underwear.

I hate it so much that I have made other people for the majority of my life buy them for me. From ages 0-18, it was a given that my parents provided me underwear whether it was back to school shopping or a Christmas stocking stuffer. As a broke college student, I asked my parents to continue to buy me underwear with my preference in mind. Post-graduation? I stayed with the trend and kept underwear on the top of my Christmas list.

My family could have gone the gift card route but they didn’t. They are quite the creative group. My mom was pretty good at buying me underwear. My dad? Oh God! He was bad. His first try at buying me briefs ended up with a purchase of men’s lookalike boxers from Hanes. I decided to keep them — they were underwear and looked comfy. However, I was dating my husband at the time and they weren’t too flattering; back of the underwear drawer they went until I had my first child (they made for great maternity underwear). I asked my dad to buy me age-appropriate underwear next time and what he ended up buying me was quite nice. Almost too nice. Lacey cheekster underwear that were comfortable and, dare I say, sexy. Then I got to thinking, dammit, these are really nice but this is insanely awkward. My DAD bought me these. Grow up Megan, buy your own underwear! I had the same feeling when I was still getting PAP smears with my family doctor and they suggested I should start seeing an OB/GYN.

Enough with the parents. I realized I needed to be a little more mature. So, I handed off underwear duties to my husband. Every husband loves going into Victoria Secret to buy women’s underwear, right? Not. Sifting through piles of underwear, and inspecting design and cut is not on my husband’s priority list. Plus, what I wear down there is never a surprise for him.

Fast forward to three months ago when I heard about Panty Drop, an underwear subscription business, where I receive three new pair of underwear every three months based on my preferences. No more awkward dad, no more unsurprised hubby. Just me and Panty Drop. Yes, I understand that someone is still involved in my underwear decisions, but that’s the best part!

Panty Drop allows you to customize your style of underwear by size, coverage and material. I chose cotton and performance, though I’m tempted to include lace! Then you choose what plan you prefer, basic or premium. Within a week, you’ll receive the cutest box of underwear! Inside merlot colored tissue paper, there lies three new pairs of underwear based on your preferences. A big plus: Every box comes with free shipping and free returns, no questions asked.

You guys, it’s really exciting! I literally do an underwear dance before I open my box.

I recently received a seamless, super-soft butter boy short from Commando, a nude seamless bikini and a fun printed Girlshort, too! Underwear heaven! I especially love the fun printed Girlshort (it literally looks like a party in my pants).

Now onto the good stuff! Panty Drop is offering an amazing deal for Reno Moms Blog readers. Join me in underwear heaven and subscribe today. When prompted to enter a discount code, use RENOMOMS. Receive 50 percent off the first box of a subscription plan and 15 percent off a gift subscription.

discount code for panty drop

And, if you still think I’m weird for letting my dad buy underwear for me for all those years, I’m not alone. Just look at the underwear my brother put on the top of his Christmas list.

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