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How to Keep a Healthy and Happy Vag

The wonderful world of vaginas. They come in all different sizes, shapes, colors, and hairstyles. As we grow and go through different phases of our lives, we change and our vagina changes with us. Vaginas literally make this world go round. But why is it still taboo to talk about them? From a young age, females should be able to feel comfortable knowing how it works, what to expect from it as it changes, how to make it feel good and how to protect it as it experiences different things. Giving power to the pussy means empowering the holder with the right education. Let’s teach one another that it’s not taboo, it’s not gross, and it’s not something to be ashamed of. It’s a glorious, beautiful thing! 

Thirteen females in our community were gracious enough to open up about their private parts and share some great tips.

Getting your first period

Who doesn’t remember the first time they got their period? You’re not alone! Check out these first time period stories from our community members:

I was 9 years old, I sort of knew what periods were but not really. I knew that women got them and that once that happens, you can have kids. It was summer and my mom was at work, so I was home with my brother and father. I was playing with my brother and running through the house, and for some reason I just ran into the bathroom, for no reason whatsoever. I was 9 like I said, so I was like I might as well try to see if I need to use the bathroom. I pulled my bathing suit bottoms down and I saw blood. At first, I thought I might be hurt, but then I remembered that women get periods and it just clicked. I just got my period. I didn’t feel myself bleeding or anything, so I was shocked. I thought I was too young to get it but I wiped up everything and went downstairs and told my dad. My dad just told me to phone my mom (I don’t really think he was sure I got it and thought I was making it up). I called her and told her what happened, and she told me that she got it young too (she was 8) and that it was in fact my period.


I remember being afraid to tell my dramatic mother. She did the same thing that she did when I lost my first tooth…she called up everyone she knew and loudly told them on the telephone like I wasn’t sitting right there waiting for the earth to swallow me up. I remembered that at the nurse’s office meeting, I was given a little calendar to track my period…I started using it that day.


I was in school and a boy decided to scream it to the entire class. I had just turned 12.


Sex Ed

Sex Ed isn’t universal. And really, even if you had it, how much did you talk about V’s in your classes? There needs to be more transparency and honest conversations around vaginas, sex, and pleasure. Some females are not fortunate enough to have mothers, sisters, or friends who can share their knowledge. How do you prepare for sex? How do you masturbate? What does it feel like when you climax?

I learned mostly from my mom, some female family members, and my school’s sexual education (as my elementary school started that in kindergarten). I definitely think there is a stigma about vaginas. I think people are scared to talk about things because they think things aren’t normal or are embarrassing. I think everyone should be open about talking about vaginas and their health…it could maybe make girls feel more comfortable with asking questions or just more comfortable with their own vagina. I think besides sex, people assume vaginas are taboo or gross to talk about and it should be kept to themselves; but really they aren’t. More girls would be more comfortable seeking help with things to do with their vaginal health.


I’ve learned by following OBGYNs on YouTube. There needs to be better education on this because so many don’t know what is good or bad.


Getting to know your V

Getting pubes is the moment you really start realizing your body is changing. Do you remember the first time you saw your pubes? Did you understand this? Do you remember seeing discharge and trying to understand why it was happening?  It can be a confusing world out there not only for younger females but also for mature women. As your life changes, so will the look and feel of your vag. Here are some stories from females who were learning and still are learning about their V.

When I was younger and going through puberty, the obvious changes happened like discharge, hair, different smells, etc. Once that was over, I started getting used to cramps, odd pain, and different feelings. I’ve become more familiar as to what my V likes and doesn’t like (not just sexually but just normal everyday things such as materials, movements, and all sorts of things that you don’t really think about). As far as care goes, I used to think you had to wash deep inside the vagina, but I learned that it cleans itself! I now regularly use sensitive soaps and soaps that’ll help balance out my pH for my vagina. I prefer to be hairless and it still varies because there are always new things and I’m always trying to find what’s best for me.


Sex and pleasure

Let’s talk about sex baby! Raise your hand if you remember your first time as the best sex of your life? Crickets. Yes, just like anything in life, practice & communication makes perfect. Whether sex is for you or not, We know that the vagina changes once sex is introduced.

Getting a bit older (36), it does not self-lubricate as well as it once did. As long as I keep lubes handy…I’m pretty set!


I mean it’s probably common for most, but sex changed my vag for sure. That’s different bodily fluids and all that’s to follow; now having different smells down there, what’s actually in there could potentially do as far pregnancy or even STIs, everything to do with sex changed the health of my vagina.



What happens to the vagina after pregnancy? Only recently have we seen some mainstream media talk about post-pregnancy in a very candid way. To be frank, the vagina completely changes, and may not always be pretty, but it’s natural.

The birth of my last son. I had an episiotomy so I have to take better care of my body. I only say that because it got infected 4 days after delivery. I take medicine as well to help women’s health now.


Since the birth of all four of my sons, I have had horribly bad periods. I mean some are debilitatingly bad. Cramps are horrible and I go 9 days every 28 days. I started taking oatmeal baths and washing with Summer’s Eve feminine wash. I also use the Azo product for feminine health.



Finally, when we asked these ladies any tips for their fellow vagina holders, they said the following:

  1. Wash the vagina, and try to wear breathable materials for underwear.
  2. Eat a wholesome diet. We get it, eating perfectly healthy is hard, but try to eat a balanced diet and hydrate yourself!
  3. Go to your annual check up, and ask questions! Get to know your anatomy from an OBGYN.
  4. Talk about your vagina with your friends! It’s okay!

Well I usually take the shower head down, squat down a bit in the shower, and with a clean washcloth I clean the inner areas with warm water. No soap on those parts! Your vagina is like a self-cleaning oven! I go over the outer areas with a gentle body wash and loofah. If I’m on my more fertile days, I use water wipes instead of tissue to keep everything clean.


Sometimes. When I am not as healthy (like eating a lot of fast foods and snacks all the time), my discharge turns a different color and smells different; and it’s completely different when I’m dehydrated as well. What you’re putting into your body will affect you and your health in ways you may not notice.


My vagina functions great! It does normal vagina things and has a vagina “scent”. I usually trim my pubic hair very low and get wax once a month…it’s a personal preference. But I stick to the same rules about cleaning: when I have my period, I do use water wipes to keep everything as dry and clean as I can.


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Reading this give me some feeling of happinesses,happy that I am a woman of course I love my vagina very much,and reading this makes me love it even more…thank you for sharing…your wonderful.


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