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What You Don’t Know About Muffin Tops

Dr Deb explains what causes the infamous “muffin top”, why it’s natural, and why better-fitting clothes are the answer.

You guys, I’ve got it! A 10-second cure to get rid of the muffin top! Change your freaking clothes because you don’t actually have a muffin top.

A muffin top is defined as the top of the muffin.

However, with the influence of art, poor fashion design of the low rise style from the early 2000’s, (made popular by Britney and Christina) we’ve seen this term used to describe really any part of the mid-section of a woman’s body when there is too much pressure on her abdomen causing the naturally occurring adipose tissue to distort into a shape that looks similar to a muffin top.

That adipose tissue, fat, muscle and ligaments are designed to help pad our pelvic,  hip and greater trochanter. Female pelvic bones are different than males and are also different from other females. The ASIS  (or iliac crest) is slightly higher and wider to help with childbirth, which can be seen through evolution. Because of this, the hip socket is at a shaper angle for female and as a result pushes our greater trochanter or femoral head out. 

Add these two curves to our smaller rib cage, (compared to males), and most female naturally have 3 curves along the side of the body.

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Now, here’s where we get into trouble. Many artists will simply make these three curves into two, making the hourglass figure that is pleasing to the eye because of the golden ratio – but it is not how we are naturally shaped. And and it’s not just in art that we see the golden ratio, we find these ratios all throughout nature and find them very appealing. A few examples for good measure:

I agree, an hourglass or pinup is very pleasing to the aye artistically but we must remember that our bodies are not as malleable and changeable as a paintbrush on a canvas. We are living breathing human beings and only through natural fat depositing, corset/ waist training, liposuction or extensive exercise training of the gluteus muscles can we alter our natural human female shape. 

Now, let me tell you, that without the low rise hot pant fad, we might have never see muffin tops and the majority of people, standing naked in front of a mirror do not have muffin tops. (I’d even suggest checking these curves out).

And for the most part, the only thing that really causes a muffin top on a human body is clothing.

So, here’s my solution; change the clothing to align with the natural curves and shape of the body – whatever shape it may be. We are different for a reason. Life would be so boring if we were all carbon copies. 

We do not need to change our bodies or attempt to create an hourglass figure with the perfect ratio in order to be visually pleasing to someone else. I spent many years trying to change my body. Trying to control and hold firm on the boundaries that I thought were acceptable and, I still didn’t like my body. I’ve had to work to create a relationship with my body and that took a lot of apologizing, reading, reflecting, crying, a relapse or two, and mostly forgiveness. I had to forgive myself for not knowing any better. I think we do the best we can with what we know. And, years ago, I didn’t know that I could love and accept my body for it’s natural beauty. To me, that means eating what I want, when I want without fear or restriction. It means exercising in ways that are enjoyable and not exerting myself beyond what’s comfortable. It means wearing clothing that are comfortable without regard for what anyone else thinks (still working on this one). But, when I dress and do my hair, it is for me and if another person doesn’t like it, that says more about them than me. My human comfort is more important than what anyone else would like to see me look like. I think our human comfort is more important than being visually sexually appealing to another because, when we are comfortable we attract others on our same wavelength. Who wants to get comfortable with me? 

We don’t need to “get rid of our muffin tops”. We need better fitting clothes that are designed for the human body, because that muffin top you’re trying to get rid of, isn’t there in the first place.

Originally published by Dr. Deb Christel on the “Ask Dr Deb” blog on the Kade & Vos website

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