5 Signs You Need New Underwear


Underwear has an expiration date, believe it or not. And it’s not the same for every pair. Things like how you wash them, how often you wear them, and their material all affect just how long they’ll last. And trust us, once they expire, they’re not fun to wear. Think bunching, pinching, falling apart, and scratching you… down there. Not fun. Say buh-bye to those unfun panties if they exhibit these 5 tell-tale signs you need new underwear:

1: They look like they’ve been in a fight

If your panties have holes, are fraying, and are stained, or literally look like they’ve been attacked by a shark – it’s time to say goodbye. Even if they were once your favorite pair and you wore them on the days you needed a little luck, it’s time to admit that their luck has run out. Say adios and chuck them for something a little less tattered and a lot more tasteful.

2: Your BF decides he has a headache

OK, has this ever happened to you? You’re undressing in front of your significant other and they make “that face”. Here’s what may be going through their head: “What am I seeing right now? Is that underwear or an extra piece of cloth that she tied together with hair ties?” Listen, we’re all for innovation and resourcefulness, but MacGyvering your panties doesn’t lead to feeling sexy. Wearing something that fits well, feels really great, and looks even better – that feels sexy. And feeling sexy leads to looking sexy. And looking sexy leads to a sexy time.

3: They keep disappearing in the laundry

We’re all about dropping off panties, but if you’ve dropped them off at the laundromat and they haven’t made their way back, there could be a few reasons. No. 1 – the staff may have thought they were a piece of garbage that accidentally made its way into the machine, and tossed them. No 2 – they went where socks with holes and bad underwear go. No one knows, but it’s the universe’s way of telling you not to wear them anymore. No 3 – They were so worn out that they literally disintegrated in the wash. Hey, it could happen.

4: They don’t fit

Hey, we’re all friends here so we can be honest: our bodies are not static. They change, they evolve, they mature. What we’re saying is, that pair that fit 5 years ago and has been through many washes while you have been through many pant sizes (up and down and up and down) may NOT be the best fit all these years later. Whether it’s because your booty now craves coverage, or your hips need more room to do their thang – updating the size and style you wear every once in a while will feel SO much better.

5: You’d be embarrassed if someone saw the pair you’re wearing right now

OK do a panty check! What pair are you wearing RIGHT NOW? If you’re wearing omg-I’d-be-mortified-if-anyone-even-my-mother-saw-these underwear, it is time for new panties.

So, when is the last time you took inventory of your panty drawer? If you’ve ever even glanced in there, and thought it may be a good time to replace some of those panties, but just can’t bring yourself to get to the store, we’ve got a solution. Panty shopping is a pain, we know. But Panty Dropping is so much more fun!

At Panty Drop, we do the panty shopping for you and drop them off in a pretty little box, right to your door. No more messy intimate apparel departments, no more wondering if a “boyshort” and a “girlshort” are the same thing, or what the actual difference is between a bikini and a brief. Our philosophy is: less time panty shopping, more time doing what you love. Whatever that may be.

If you know you need to upgrade your panties, we’ve got you covered. Choose your underwear subscription plan and fill out your panty personality profile. We’ll send a box to you right away. Or, for a limited time, join our giveaway for a chance to win a year-long subscription to Panty Drop Premium!

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