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Our ultimate underwear gift-giving guide for men

Our ultimate guide to help men get the perfect underwear gift for their ladies

The do’s & don’ts of giving underwear as a gift

Hey guys, this one is for you! At Panty Drop, we’re on a mission to “inspire women to be the best they can be”, and we know that it all starts with great underwear. We’re a subscription box that drops panties at the front door of women who are go getters, difference makers, and beautiful inside and out. Sound like your gal? Then she’s our gal, too. We think underwear is the perfect holiday gift for your girlfriend, wife, or partner. But we found that quite a few men have some doubts about how to pick the perfect pair. That’s why we created this ultimate underwear gift-giving guide – it’ll demystify the process for you, and ensure you surprise her with something she’ll really like.

First, you’re not alone if you’re a little uncertain about how to shop in the ladies underwear department. We asked a few guys what would stop them from buying underwear for their significant other this holiday season. Here’s what they said:

  • “I’m afraid I’ll get her underwear size wrong. That’s like, bad, right?”
  • “I tried giving my girlfriend underwear once. I had no idea there were so many styles and brands out there. I got really nervous about choosing a subpar gift and making her think she’s subpar to me.”
  • “I have totally been that guy in the lingerie store comparing thongs and feeling like a total perv. It was not exactly a welcoming or easy-to-shop environment for guys.”
  • “I thought I would love going into the lingerie store to shop for my girl. It was straight up hell. You ladies have to go through a lot in those places!”
  • “I feel like if I ask the salesperson for help, or tell her what I’m looking for, she’s just going to steer me toward the most expensive thing. And what can I do? Now that she’s shown me this beautiful, expensive thing, I feel like a jerk if I don’t get it.”
  • “My wife is really specific when it comes to her underwear. I just want something that looks good on her, but I know she has more in mind than that. So I don’t want to mess it up.”

Sound like you? We got you! We made it easy to give your girl a gift she will love with our simple, and handy guide. We present: the do’s and don’ts of giving underwear.


Do get her style right. Thong, panty, or boyshort? Cotton, performance, or lace? If you know the answers, good for you! But if you don’t, don’t guess. Guessing is risky, guys. You can always ask her, but we suggest you keep the surprise alive.

Plus, being attentive and giving her what she wants is an A+ move… but having to get a degree in lingerie styles to do it? Ain’t nobody got time for that. There’s nothing wrong with educating yourself on panty basics. In fact, we’re all about that. Knowledge is power, after all. But when things get more complicated, we’re here for you. And for her. Quite frankly, even if you asked her about the multitude of panty styles out there, she may not know how to answer you, because she’s overwhelmed with the options, too.

When you choose a Panty Drop subscription box, you can choose her preferences for her, or we’ll send her a quick survey so she can choose herself. Then, we carefully choose the best of each style and send them her way. She can also update her preferences at any time to make sure she’s loving every pair.

Do give underwear that she’ll actually wear. Have you ever gotten a holiday pair of boxers? They’re usually scratchy, or bunch up, or … look ridiculous. Not exactly something you actually want to wear. Certainly not beyond the holidays. Same goes for that holiday themed thong with the Santa trim you thought about getting your wife. Instead of the themed stuff, get her something she’ll actually want to put on, all year long.

We suggest something that combines comfort, style, and a little sass. With brands like Cosabella and Honeydew, our Panty Drop boxes are filled up with the best kind of underwear to give. We’re talking cute prints, flattering cuts, super soft materials, and touches of lace. Each pair is just the right combination of what she’ll want to wear, and what you’ll want to see her wearing.

Do give great quality. Hey, those panties in the bargain bin are in there for a reason. And it’s not because everyone’s clammering to wear them. Most too good to be true prices are, in fact, too good to be true. Going cheap is the wrong way to go when it comes to giving her something she’s going to wear on one of her most, um, delicate areas. We’re talking scratchy, itchy lace and non breathable material. Not comfortable. Not cute.

Your girl (and her delicates) deserves more than bargain bin panties. Our Panty Drop team chooses some of the most well known and most loved underwear brands out there. She’ll get some of her favorites in each box, and get introduced to new brands and styles all the time. And with plans starting at just $35 a box every three months, it’s affordable and you know she’ll be getting the best!

Do choose panties she can feel good about. Still think that giving panties feels a bit frivolous? While we respectfully disagree, we hear you. As if getting pretty panties wasn’t enough, there’s more to feel good about when you purchase a Panty Drop box subscription. Sure, underwear is sexy. But Panty Drop isn’t just about sexy underwear. Our whole mission is to “inspire women to be the best they can be”, and we know that it all starts with great underwear.

Our 1-1-1 giving program helps underrepresented women find the skills, confidence, and opportunities they need to succeed. We’ve teamed up with Pledge 1% and our nonprofit partners to make it happen on your behalf. Every time your lady gets a Panty Drop box at her door, she’ll love knowing those panties are supporting women to do great things. So she gets great underwear, the women of the world get great support, and you get to make it all possible. Holiday hero.


Don’t mess up her size. This seems to be the biggest mistake many gift givers make. First, there’s a possibility of guessing and getting it wrong, which may result in a “is that how he sees me?!” state of shock. Avoid this at all costs, gentlemen. Second, whether you guess too small or too big, you’re giving her something that won’t fit well and will feel 100% uncomfortable. That could result in those panties staying unworn and in her drawer, or worn with scorn. Trust us, wearing underwear that does not fit does not feel good. At all. Ever. Do you really want her to remember you bought her that underwear when it’s riding up or digging in? We didn’t think so.

It’s totally normal for women to wear different sizes in different brands – and that includes when wearing underwear. You could go snooping through her panty drawer and see what sizes you come up with, and then try to match that to brands online. That is, if you have a lot of time, patience, and supreme snooping skills. Or, you could give her a Panty Drop box subscription. We’ll let her choose her usual size in our simple survey, and do the shopping. No snooping or size guessing required.

Don’t put the shopping on her. Have you ever gone into a lingerie department or boutique? Awkwarrrrd. On top of having to navigate all of the options for sizes and styles, lingerie shops are set up for women. Browsing through racks of lace panties and hundreds of bra sizes as a man is not exactly easy. And asking a sales associate to help isn’t much better. Weird for you, weird for her.

We know what you’re thinking: “I can avoid the whole sizing and style mistakes, and the awkward store trip by just giving her a gift certificate to some lingerie shop.” While this is pretty valid, you’re not exactly scoring big points, here. Most successful, vibrant, involved, social women (yeah, you got a good one, pal!) are way too busy to shop for panties. If you don’t like scouring through the racks and tables of panties, deciding on the cut, color, cost, style, rise, edge, and material… what makes you think she will? Wearing great underwear is exciting. Shopping for great underwear is hard.

Don’t be that guy. Don’t cop out and give her a gift that puts her to work. Partner with Panty Drop and we’ll do the panty shopping for the two of you.

Don’t give a one-time-only gift. Underwear is the gift that keeps on giving. First, because when you give it to her, she’ll feel like a million bucks, which will make her happy, and that will make you happy. Trust us. Second, because comfortable and attractive underwear can be worn again and again, not just on special occasions. That means on a daily basis she’ll be slipping into panties you gave her.

These two reasons are pretty great, but let’s kick it up a notch. With a Panty Drop box subscription, she’ll get a box of three underwear right to her door every three or six months. Ding dong! Panty Drop is here. That means you get to repeat reasons one and two above ALL YEAR LONG. Like we said, it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Don’t wrap it yourself. You’re good at a lot of things, but maybe wrapping gifts as neatly, and as decoratively as she would like isn’t your A-game. It’s OK. You can skip buying a whole roll of wrapping paper, and struggling to make neat corners, or tie a perfect bow. Let Panty Drop do the shopping and boxing up for you. Every Panty Drop box comes with panties neatly wrapped and our sweet little logo sticker. They arrive at the door ready to gift, or to ready to wear.

Ok, you’re all set. We just handed over the best advice for giving underwear to your girlfriend or wife. And we made it easier than ever to give her a gift you will both like. Hands down, this is the best Christmas gift to give a woman. All that’s left to do is to go to, and sign her up. Now, you can spend less time panty shopping and more time under the mistletoe.

3 replies on “Our ultimate underwear gift-giving guide for men”

The title of my email that sent me here.. “8 things we wish guys knew about giving lingerie ” reads like a post in Cosmopolitan, a mag which revels in belittling men. And while the advice given above may be great, and timely, it also has the effect of “dumbing down” the male

I have worked in a lingerie store and I have seen a lot ot informed men come in and know EXACTLY what they want! Be it for themselves-or for another. And yes ther were some that needed help. It is they who may benefit form this article. IF–they are not offended by the tone of it.

It is a shame society is the way it is and that feminine intimates are so taboo! She can walk into a store and buy Any Thing- for a male, either for herself or for another and no one raises an eyebrow. But let him go into a lingerie store- or a dept store where the slips and such are.And quiet whispers of “freak’, “pervert” and others are heard-or assumed.

I am glad where I worked welcomed men and did not speak down to them. Their money is a s green as hers.

Now I need to go find my November issue of Cosmo- I need a happy Hoo-Hoo for Christmas!


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