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Panty Drop teams up with Seamless Thread

Our newest brand solves your toughest panty problems

Here at Panty Drop, we’re really excited to launch Seamless Thread as one of our new brands on the Premium plan. When I first spoke with Maggie Han, who founded Seamless Thread, I knew they’d be perfect. At Panty Drop, we take the work out of underwear shopping for you, and that includes finding new brands that you might not see yet in your local department store. Seamless Thread aims to solve some of the toughest panty problems out there with two collections, Camel No® and Signature Essentials. In this post, we go behind the scenes with Maggie so you can learn more about her founding story and the Seamless Thread styles we’re shipping now. 

Maggie’s mission to eliminate camel toe


While working as a fashion designer in New York City, Maggie conceived of the idea for her first brand and company. She saw a need for smarter women’s undergarments that transcended the currently available options and remained comfortable and invisible under today’s fashion styles. Rompers, jumpsuits, yoga pants, leggings, skinny jeans (and pretty much every pant on the market today) called for a solution that eliminated the risk of camel toe. So Maggie set to work researching and prototyping a better solution to get rid of this horrible women’s panty problem for good.

“I want to motivate women to wear everything in their [closets] and not have to fidget and fuss over it and be self conscious,” says Maggie. “Women are very aware of that area, especially when wearing tight jeans, yoga pants, or form fitting apparel  —  this gives them the liberty to wear anything without having to think twice that something is inverting.”

And ladies, really, who’s never been afraid of camel toe before? Not only is it uncomfortable, but it would pretty much end your chances of junior high romance. “Women don’t want to address their camel toes and think if you have a camel toe then you must have a huge vagina and that’s not it,” says Maggie Han.

The Seamless Thread collections

Seamless Thread’s Camel No® collection includes a patented, nearly undetectable, modesty-enhancement panel made of medical-grade silicone. It creates a smooth silhouette under even the most challenging outfits. Medical-grade silicone won’t pill, takes the temperature of your body, and won’t smell when you sweat. Camel No styles include a thong, cheeky bikini, and a high-waisted cheeky bikini style. So go rock those leggings with added peace-of-mind!

Camel No styles by Seamless Thread. The modesty enhancement panel is nearly invisible and so comfortable you won’t know it’s there.

The Signature Essentials collection by Seamless Thread eliminates VPL with a few features that make it ultra-comfortable and unique. Each pair is lined with cotton for superior breathability. The material is an ideal weight and material so that it retains its stretch throughout washings, and remains stable under clothing.

Seamless Thread Signature Essential styles are invisible under sleek-silhouette clothing when you don’t need the extra protection of the Camel No modesty panel. Flat-locked stitching, cotton lining you-know-where, and a spandex blend with just the right amount of stretch keep these comfortable all day.

Seamless Thread + Panty Drop

Seamless Thread styles are shipping now on the Panty Drop Premium plan, when you select “performance” as one of your material preferences. Not a subscriber yet? Head on over and join now!

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