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New Brand Spotlight: White Rabbit + Panty Drop

Make over your underwear drawer with smart, sustainable undies

We’re super excited to launch our newest brand partnership with White Rabbit! Each pair of White Rabbit undies is thoughtfully designed and ethically made from superior materials, so they are comfortable, cute, and sustainable. As an exceptional lingerie brand with a social mission, White Rabbit was a perfect fit for Panty Drop. In this post, we go behind the scenes with co-founder Mariana Hernandez to get the scoop on why she started White Rabbit and what makes them special.

White Rabbit co-founder, Mariana Hernandez, on a photo shoot for the Fall 16 collection

Q: Why did you start White Rabbit?

A: As a young professional, looking to upgrade my underwear drawer, I wanted to “graduate” from brands like Victoria’s Secret, which I could no longer identify with and didn’t suit my needs. I also did not feel comfortable paying 20+ dollars for the higher-end underwear brands, and found myself always looking for deals or sales.

I realized there were not many options for me to get cute, comfortable and affordable everyday underwear, and set out to change that. White Rabbit was born as a solution for today’s modern, millennial woman to find high-quality, affordable, everyday intimates.

Q: What makes White Rabbit underwear special?

A: We didn’t want White Rabbit to be just another online underwear brand, we wanted our products to be truly different. In our opinion, this difference stems from the materials we use and the construction.

In a world where people care so much about what we consume, where it comes from and the impact that it has in the environment, we thought, “why is it that no one pays attention to how underwear is made?”. We became obsessed with finding the softest, most comfortable fabrics, and spent well over a year looking for the materials to make our first collection – a luxuriously soft, breathable bamboo fabric and a super stretchy lace waistband. We went through multiple iterations of products until we landed on the perfect fit.

We also partnered with a family-owned manufacturer with over 100 years of experience in crafting lingerie. During our multiple prototype iterations, their attention to detail just blew us away. They would show us products from the leading “luxury” brands and explain why they were really not that well crafted: an elevated, bulky seam here, a poorly trimmed end there – it was eye-opening. We also loved that they employ only women, pay fair wages and offer good working conditions, which we confirmed in person during our multiple visits.

Q: Why is White Rabbit meaningful for you?

A: At White Rabbit, we are very passionate about empowering women – first by helping them be more comfortable in their intimates. Our products are designed with comfort top-of-mind, made with the best fabrics and with a touch of something beautiful, resulting in underpinnings you’ll be proud to wear, and be seen in. We want to change the conversation from underwear being something we use to please men and rather be something that makes us feel comfortable and confident no matter what the day brings.

We are also passionate about empowering women beyond your underwear purchases. Through our partnership with Fabrica Social, we support the advancement of female artisans in Mexico. Fabrica Social provides training in design, trend forecasting and business administration, amongst other things, to women, so that they can apply their skills to make better marketable products. Fabrica Social also helps these women place their products in the market and get fair value for their work.

We believe every woman deserves better underwear, and are thrilled to share our message and products with Panty Drop subscribers. Together with Panty Drop, we hope to make underwear shopping a breeze for today’s on-the-go women.

White Rabbit + Panty Drop

White Rabbit is being offered on the Panty Drop Basic plan for an exclusive 20% introductory discount. The entire line-up is available, from their sheer lace thong (the Elizabeth) to their near-full coverage boyshort (the Leroy). We hope you’re as excited as we are to try them out!

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