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Are your intimates worth the price?

Underwear is with you all day, so it’s worth it to have good quality underwear that’s comfortable and cute. Here’s how to determine if your intimates are worth the price.

How to shop for quality underwear, and why it matters

Upgrading your underwear gets an A+ in our book for several reasons. First, you’re clothing some pretty sensitive, and sacred parts of your body. In fact, if you’re familiar with the ultra cool Mama Gena and her new book, this part of a woman’s body is responsible for her power. And when it’s treated well and taken care of, you can tap into that power in a big way. Plus, underwear is with you all day – as you work, work out, meet with clients, meet a new Tinder date, volunteer, and conquer the world. So that means wearing those worn thin, stretched out, stained underwear is not helping you step up as the superwoman you are. But we know that shopping for great quality underwear isn’t always the easiest – how do you actually know if it’s worth the price?


What to Consider When Looking at Underwear Quality

We totally agree with Mariana Hernandez, founder of the new Panty Drop box addition, White Rabbit, when she says: “We believe every woman deserves better underwear.” Like, 100%. Think of wearing great underwear as an act of self care. It’s one of the easiest things you can do to take care of yourself, and treat yourself with love and respect. If you’re running a business, a department, or a household, those old bikini briefs with “Call Me” on the back need to be retired. It’s time for some chic, sophisticated, and flirty underwear. And the first step to better underwear: upping the quality. Let’s discuss how to find great quality underwear.

1. Design

Have you ever worn a pair of underwear that rides up, digs in, or moves around all day? NO, THANK YOU. The key to finding a pair of underwear that is comfortable and fits your body like a glove is in the design. Cheapie brands make generic patterns, which may or may not fit your body. And because most inexpensive companies mass produce their underwear, their goal is to get them from the design room to your panty drawer ASAP. That means less testing for quality assurance, function, feedback, or great fit. Their motto might as well be “get it done as fast and as inexpensive as possible.” Ugh.

Bargain brands may cost you less cash, but you end up paying for fast, cheap, and less thoughtful design. Quality brands take their time developing underwear styles. They put their designs through several iterations, taking care to create something that their customers will love. And, since most of these brands tend to be smaller, they can listen to and cater to their customers. They listen when you say “I hate the way this feels” or “I love the way that fits”. That means real feedback that turns into really great underwear.

Not to mention, great quality panty brands have a tendency to revel in pretty, decorative touches and cute little “bonus” designs. And, when they find a design that customers love, they’ll make it in several colors and patterns. One of the brands in our premium Panty Drop boxes, Cosabella, is especially well known for this. Popular Cosabella thongs, bikinis, and briefs -like their Never Say Never™ Cutie™ lace thong –  are so well loved that the brand makes them in dozens of colors. Dozens. Talk about options!

Panty brands like Cosabella truly care about the product they’re putting out there, and understand that wearing beautiful underwear is just as important as wearing comfortable underwear. From scallop lace to bold colors, and decorative trim to bow details – great brands take the time to create underwear that is comfortable and beautiful to wear. And there’s nothing more beautiful than finding a pair of panties that feels good and looks great. Sexy and comfortable underwear gets our vote every time.

2. Material

We don’t consider ourselves “material girls” over here at Panty Drop, but let’s be frank for a minute. When it comes to what you’re wearing “down there”, material matters. We highly suggest ditching the itchy, cheap underwear and going for something smooth and comfortable. And, it better be breathable. Oh, and it should look great under clothing. Oh and it’s got to keep it’s shape. Call us picky, if you want. But this is the stuff that matters!

If you can, do a little research about the materials used to make your underwear. When a brand creates or uses a new or high quality material, they’ll brag about it. They will let you know. For example, in our recent interview with Maggie Han, the designer of Seamless Thread (a new addition to our Panty Drop boxes), she describes that each of her seamless panties “is lined with cotton for superior breathability. The material is an ideal weight and material so that it retains its stretch throughout washings, and remains stable under clothing.” That translates to: stays in place, keeps its shape, feels good. Yes, please!

Or, there’s White Rabbit, another new brand with thongs and panties made of super soft, sustainable bamboo, with sleek lace trims. In our interview with White Rabbit, owner and designer, Mariana Hernandez, explains that she and her team “became obsessed with finding the softest, most comfortable fabrics, and spent well over a year looking for the materials to make our first collection – a luxuriously soft, breathable bamboo fabric and a super stretchy lace waistband.” It’s that level of dedication that makes your underwear better. Trust us, ladies, you can feel the difference when you wear great underwear!

And if you can’t feel it firsthand, you can trust us! One of the things that makes underwear shopping online awesome is convenience. One thing that makes it hard is not being able to touch and feel the underwear yourself, and sorting through all of the options without a guide. That’s why we do the vetting for you. When you order a subscription of Panty Drop boxes, you can rest assured that each box will come filled with the great quality underwear, made of the best materials.

PS: High quality underwear is often made from delicate, high end materials. Use our handy underwear washing guide to take care of your panties. Believe us, it will help them last longer and keep you feeling your best longer.

3. Location

Something else to keep in mind when searching for the best underwear in the world, is where it’s made in the world. Panty brands often design, source the material, and then manufacture undergarments in several different locations. For example, your underwear may be designed in the United States in a fashion forward city like New York City, or LA. Then, they may source the finest materials in Europe. And then, they may send the design pattern and materials over to Asia to be produced. Finding out just where your underwear comes from can be a big indicator in its quality.

Aside from where it’s made, you may want to think about how your underwear is made. We wrote a whole blog post on the importance of ethical underwear production and manufacturing. Choosing sustainable and ethically produced underwear is on the top of our list when it comes to finding the best panties to put into your Panty Drop boxes. And while the fashion and lingerie industries are still catching up on the best way to be transparent and accountable, we’re working hard to find brands that are committed to this goal. (PS: Know an awesome, fashionable underwear company that is committed to ethical and sustainable production? Let us know!)

4. Price

There are some underwear brands out there that actually charge over a hundred dollars for a pair of panties. And while we can drool over those gorgeous designs, we’re not exactly cool with coughing up that much cash for one pair of undies. We like underwear, and we like to pay our rent. You, too? We’ve got great news: you do NOT need to spend hundreds of dollars on well made underwear.

We’ve found reasonably priced, high quality underwear from many brands. When you order with Panty Drop, each panty in your “Basic Box” runs about $12. And the luxe panties in our “Premium Box” cost just under $22 each. We find the best underwear at a great price. Though you’re paying more than bargain bin prices, you’re also getting more than bargain bin quality.


Where to Find The Best Underwear

Quality does matter when it comes to your underwear! You can always shop brand by brand, or scour the tables full of underwear at your local department store or lingerie boutique. Or, we can do the shopping for you. We’re on a mission to make it easy to buy the best underwear – without having to do any shopping at all. You just sign up for Panty Drop, and we drop the panties at your door. Check out our featured brands, and sign up for your own Panty Drop subscription box.

You are a quality woman. And you deserve quality underwear. Now, go and get it!

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