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Panty Power Profile: Lauren Klein

Getting motivated with the Chief Inspiration Officer of Girlmade

Lauren Klein is the Chief Inspiration Officer for Girlmade. Harnessing a network of women in tech and business, Girlmade trains middle- and high-school-aged girls to hone their leadership and entrepreneurial skills. (There’s a great article in The Atlantic about Lauren and Girlmade.)

For our latest Panty Power Profile, we asked Lauren about her work, inspiration, and how she keeps moving forward.


How did you get involved with Girlmade?

I bought it from Ashley Clift-Jennings (her story here), as I have two teenage daughters that weren’t getting this type of education in their school system. I work in technology as a business strategist, which allowed me the flexibility to take on this passion project.

What keeps you motivated and moving forward?

The students who attend the program who share the impact we make in their lives. It’s deeply profound in shaping their confidence to slay every day in every way!

Tell us about a challenge or failure you had to overcome.

Working in tech is always fast paced and constantly changing. I’ve failed countless times on projects and programs. My advice to young women is to find work/life balance and a passion project to help you balance out the difficult times and stay the course. Your career is a learning journey and it doesn’t define you. It’s just part of your story. You determine your value and relevance, not the other way around. I’ve found it hard being the only woman in the room for many years, but I spent a good deal of time asking for candid feedback and learning new skills in order to hone my leadership and business acumen. And I still think about how I can improve myself every day because you never stop growing.

girlmade quote

What’s an exciting milestone?

We just completed our annual Girl Empire Reno program, which was stellar. Last year I was invited by President Obama to the White House: South by South Lawn. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest to learn more about upcoming events.

What advice would you give to others?

Fail frequently and often.

Who has been an inspiration for you and why?

Frida Kahlo. She suffered physically and emotionally, but found ways to channel those into her art and profession in a way that deeply touched and moved others.

Do you have a funny underwear story or advice?

Always keep an extra pair in your gym bag or purse. One can never go wrong with having an extra pair.


Thank you, Lauren! To find out more about Girlmade and how to get involved, go to

Header photo courtesy of David Calvert and other photos are courtesy of Girlmade

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