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Making your Periods Better with Ellebox & Panty Drop

Periods & panties don’t need to be adversaries! Let’s change the way you experience that time of the month

Sure, that time of the month isn’t our favorite either. Probably the only thing we hate more than underwear shopping is shopping for pads and tampons. It’s awkward to pick them up at the drugstore and annoying to have it as an item on your to-do list. More importantly though, it’s hard to find organic pads and tampons in the store. Organic pads and tampons are made of 100% cotton and are biodegradable.  They don’t include any of the toxic ingredients in mainstream products, so they’re better for your health. That’s why we love Ellebox – they’re making it easy for you to get organic feminine products delivered to your door, monthly. We’re going behind the scenes with the Ellebox co-founder Bunny Ghatrora to learn more about their story.

Q: Why did you start Ellebox?

My two co-founders and I were motivated by a desire to change the way women experience their periods. There’s a significant gap in women’s health research, especially around our reproductive health and menstruation. We want to close that through empowerment & education. As we learned more about traditional feminine hygiene products, we realized most women know very little about what’s inside these products, and the negative effects they might be having on our health.  Traditional pads and tampons contain ingredients like rayon, synthetic fibers, chlorine and dioxin, known to be a cancer causing chemical. The industry is also much less regulated than most women think – the long -term health effects of feminine products have not been studied or tested, and the manufacturers are not required to report all of their ingredients to the public or the FDA. Women use over 10,000 pads and tampons in their life time and this repeated exposure to chemicals is unnecessary. Plus, most drugstores do not stock organic pads and tampons. We wanted to make it easier for women to make choices about their pads and tampons.

Q: What’s unique about Ellebox?

Ellebox delivers a customized choice of organic pads and tampons straight to your door every month. When you sign up, you can pick your Ellebox (the Necessities or the Comfort) and customize the contents. The Necessities box includes your choice of 20 organic tampons and/or pads. The Comfort box includes your choice of 20 organic tampons and/or pads plus tea and chocolate, and two new self-care items monthly. You can skip or cancel a box at any time. All of the products are made from certified organic cotton so you can have a safer and more conscious period.

Ellebox + Panty Drop

We believe panties and periods don’t need to be adversaries, and want to make it easy for you to get your feminine necessities delivered to your door, effortlessly. We’re offering an exclusive discount for Panty Drop fans – get 35% off your first Ellebox. Just hop on over to their site and use the code PANTYDROP at check out to get started today.

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