Our Three Fave Things About Taylor Swift’s Lover Video

It’s no secret that Taylor Swift has ruled the hearts and minds of every millennial and Gen Z’er since she first picked up a guitar and sang us Tim McGraw 13 years ago. Most of us 20 to 30-somethings grew up with her at every important stage of our life: from teenage heartbreak, growing pains, and in the good times and bad. Her voice is the soundtrack to multiple generations, and that rings true even today. We are, of course, head over heels for her latest album, most notably her newest video, Lover! She hit the nail right on the head with this one, and we wanted to share our 3 favorite things about this dynamite piece of art.

1. The Cat painting in the house

Photo Credit: Lover video

If you know anything about Taylor, you know 2 her cats Olivia Benson and Meredith Grey are everything to her. She recently adopted a 3rd kitty, a Siamese named Benjamin Button, whose cute face, we can only assume, is pictured here in her fairytale house. We love how her quirky personality shines through in her videos. Every little detail is a message, and we’ll take all the cat photos, please.

2. Diversity

Photo Credit: Lover video

WE LOVE THIS! In 2019, it’s all about representation. Not only is Taylor’s lover a man of color, but their entire love story pans out in the eyes of their gorgeous daughter. Our very favorite part of this is that we know young people are watching Taylor’s every move, and representing multiple races and ethnicities speaks wonders to the latest generation of young people looking for their place in the world. THANK. 👏YOU. 👏TAYLOR. 👏

3. Love conquers all

Arguably one of the most important messages in Taylor’s new album is that Love is everything. No matter where you find it, who you find it with, or even if it’s for your cat, love is the center of the human experience. Love is home. It’s a place we all look for in someone else, and Taylor captures it so vividly in Lover.

Photo credit: Lover video

We appreciate an artist like Taylor who always carefully tailors her messaging to strike the hearts of those she knows are listening. If you’re like us and got all the feels watching this technicolor masterpiece unfold with its equally vibrant messaging, let us know!

Bravo, Taylor!



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