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100% of profits go towards arming women with panties

On March 8th, 100% of our profits from sales will be donated to Dress for Success!

Here’s my story…

When I was a little girl, I never thought I would start a company. I always had a different answer for “what do you what to be when you grow up?” and my future goals felt unspecific.  I grew up with a desire to learn but never explicitly to lead. 

When I was 23, I was fortunate enough to work in a big company with many career paths.  That being said, I knew that I eventually wanted to end up doing something that would be more impactful for the world. 

It led me to return back to my resume and start the interviewing process again.  It was hard.  Let’s face it, anytime you’re starting a new career path, things are not going to be easy.  Crafting your resume and interviewing for jobs are specialized skills that take practice.  The good news is that they are skills that can be learned and improved over time, and I was fortunate to have friends and mentors that could show me how, practice with me, and give me feedback.

Eventually, I ended up taking the bold step in starting Panty Drop, but even then when it came to raising capital for my company I found it harder than my male counterparts.

The gender leadership gap is a topic I care deeply about. As a rising executive and now leader of my own company, I want to see more opportunities for women to take on leadership and executive roles.  That’s why we created the Panty Drop Giving Program, and why we chose Dress for Success to be one of our partners.

Dress for Success has a mission that is deeply aligned well with ours — through resume feedback and interview preparation, they are supporting women looking for a new professional opportunities that don’t have all of the resources to get there. Feeling confident and “put together” is critical for your interview and first days in a new job, and Dress for Success not only teaches these skills, but also makes sure every client has a work-ready wardrobe!   I am also personally volunteering at DFS and on the ground working with women one-on-one.

Panties are an important part of that and we happily donate a box to every DFS client who has a successful placement. In addition, we’re teaming up with DFS for International Women’s Day 2020 and donating 100% of our profits on March 8. I hope you’ll consider supporting us!


We encourage you to do something to celebrate…march, post, talk about what it means for today to be International Women’s Day!

Sincerely, Julie (Founder and CEO of Panty Drop)

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