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Hipsters, Lace, Mesh, Oh My! What Panty Droppers Told Us You Liked

“If the clothes don’t match what we feel inside, then we don’t feel like we’re being authentic,” says Dr. Deb Christel, the Panty Drop designer who crafted the Perfect Panty. “If you try to be someone you’re not, people will catch on.” Whether we prefer classic styles or edgy fashion, the choices we make send a message to the world. But what we wear under our clothes is just as important as what we wear on the outside!

We reached out to the Panty Squad to find out more about your preferences in underwear styles and fabrics. Rethinking panty design for every body means listening to everybody!

Since we bet you’re not surveying your friends about their panty preferences — at least not yet — we thought you’d be interested to see what we’ve learned. Spoiler alert, we’re all looking for a little comfort.

Briefs are queen. 71% of us are wearing briefs at least some of the time.

As far as underwear rise, most of those surveyed preferred underwear that sits just below the belly button (known as mid-rise) or underwear that sits higher at the belly button or the location of the natural waist (considered high-rise). Low-rise styles sit below the belly button and on the hips.

Mid- and high-rise are the most popular rises.

Finally, it’s probably not a surprise but cotton is the most popular fabric for panties by a lot! About 75% of you are wearing it either “All of the time” or “Often”. It’s no wonder that we decided to make the Perfect Panty out of 95% cotton (and 5% spandex for stretch).

You might be asking yourself who took part in the survey group.  Fifty-one percent wore sizes 1X or larger. Thirty-seven percent were between 35 and 44 years old. Of the respondents, 85% identified as female.

What else would you like to know about what we’re all wearing under our clothes? Let us know at @pantdropme on Instagram or send us an email at

6 replies on “Hipsters, Lace, Mesh, Oh My! What Panty Droppers Told Us You Liked”

Glad to see a company sharing photos of men wearing their panties since a lot of us do. I absolutely love the fit and feel of the perfect panty and my wife loves them on me! Thanks Panty Drop

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I would love to have a leak free underwear in you largest size. No other company makes it in my size and I know that big women have little accidents all the time.

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I’m a newbie here. I’m not sure why or what it is about frilly panties that I love so much. It should be noted this is the first time I’m admitting this publicly because I’m a male. I would love some help or to find someone to show me the ropes. I’m extremely nervous to share this with the world and I hope whomever reads this is kind and gentle in their reply.


[…] If you’re wondering who took park in this survey, 51% wore sizes 1X or larger. Thirty-seven percent were between 35 and 44 years old. Of the respondents, 85% identified as female. We also asked about comfort, underwear rise and other styles. Those responses are covered in detail in the post Hipsters, Lace, Mesh, Oh my! What Panty Droppers Told Us You Liked. […]


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