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Let’s Talk About Lace

How do you feel about lace? Is it a go-to in your underwear drawer or do you avoid it all costs? Based on Panty Squad responses during a recent survey, whether or not to choose lace is a polarizing topic.

One side of the argument thinks it’s “frequently itchy or scratchy” and gives “wedgies from hell!” The other side likes the “little bit of sass hidden from the world.” From sexy to scratchy and alluring to awful, there were a lot of strong opinions about sheer fabrics like lace and mesh. The most surprising is when you choose to wear it.

If cotton is the daily driver of our underwear drawers, lace and mesh are like the sporty convertible we take out on the weekend for some excitement. But the excitement isn’t for other people – it’s for ourselves. Most of us are wearing sexy panties for our enjoyment, not holding out for special occasions or date nights.

“It’s underwear I feel confident in,” one Panty Squad member wrote. “It makes me feel flirty or daring.”

We love that sexiness is about empowering ourselves and not always about what someone else thinks. Wear it whenever you feel like it or just around the house. It’s about wearing it when the mood strikes!

The sheer features of lace and mesh panties are bringing sexy back, but how much sheer is the right amount? When we wear lace or mesh, some of us are wearing fully sheer panties, but most choose accents on the sides or trim. However, the majority of us enjoy being a little cheeky with a mostly sheer back.

So if there’s this much excitement about lace and mesh, why are some of us not wearing it? The top reasons are:

  1. Comfort – Lace can be scratchy, too tight and not stretchy enough.
  2. Durability – Lace has a reputation for being delicate, requiring special care when washing. It also ages quickly and loses stretch.
  3. Size availability – It is much harder to find lace and mesh panties in sizes 4x and larger versus smaller sizes.

If you’re wondering who took park in this survey, 51% wore sizes 1X or larger. Thirty-seven percent were between 35 and 44 years old. Of the respondents, 85% identified as female. We also asked about comfort, underwear rise and other styles. Those responses are covered in detail in the post Hipsters, Lace, Mesh, Oh my! What Panty Droppers Told Us You Liked.

What do you think about lace? Did we miss anything? Let us know at @pantydropme on Instagram, send us an email at or comment below.

One reply on “Let’s Talk About Lace”

Depends on the lace for me, Victoria secrets lace is really itchy and irritating. On the other hand I have a thong from Aerie where it’s just a high rise lace waistband and I love it doesn’t irritate my skin and it’s wide to accommodate my junk.


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