Go ahead, take all the space you need

My closet is filled with devices, lifts, and appendages to make me take up less space or more space.

Those dusty heels taking up space on the top shelf of my closet? Those are to make me taller and take up more space vertically. The girdle (yes, I own a girdle) stuffed in the back of my underwear drawer? That’s to compress my waist and make me an “acceptable” type of curvy so that I can take up less space horizontally. Continue reading

Celebrating Dads – A Spotlight on Great Parental Leave Policies

Time off after a new baby isn’t just for moms. Check out these companies recognizing dads too

When I started my first job after school, I was always surprised that in casual chats, my male co-workers were generally more enthusiastic about having children than my female ones. From the women, it was common to hear things like “I’d like to have a family, but I’m worried about how it will affect my career,” or “I’ve always planned to have children, but I’d like to be an executive, too.” As ladies, it seemed we had grown up internalizing a trade off between our professional dreams and our family ones, a tradeoff that wasn’t top-of-mind for the men. Is it any wonder? Close to a third of new moms don’t return to work after their babies, and up until recently, dads were left out of the conversation about family leave. Paid paternity leave is still rare to find, and even more rarely used. But the arrival of a new baby is incredibly demanding for both moms and dads, and bonding is just as important for both parents. Today, in honor of Father’s Day, we’re shining a spotlight on companies that are leading the way with inclusive, generous family leave policies. Continue reading

Equal Pay: Yep, We Still Don’t Earn a Man’s Dollar

5 ways to combat the gender pay gap for Equal Pay Day

Getting a new job offer is usually a good thing. It means you passed the interview, beat out other candidates, and have a new beginning to look forward to. But before you sign on the dotted line and get ready for your first day, there’s some things you should know about your compensation. The data is in, and ladies, there’s a serious gender pay gap: Women are paid, on average, 20% less than men (and it’s worse for women of color). That’s a big difference. Over a career, it amounts to over $500,000 for the average woman, and up to $1,000,000 for a Hispanic woman. Moreover, even with current progress, it’ll still take another 44 years before we close the pay gap in the United States (and until the 24th century for all women). Angry? We are too. That’s why we assembled a few things you can do about it. Continue reading

3 Productivity Apps to Get Right Now

Our favorite apps to help you get more done in less time

Your day is jam packed, right? That’s what happens with you hustle hard and make it work. We totally understand. So that’s why we’re so excited about these little time/effort/sanity saving apps that you can use on your desktop, or right on your phone. Trust us, taking a few minutes to read this post, and a few seconds to download these apps will save you hours of frustration and wasted time in the future. The only problem you’ll have: how to spend that extra time? But we’re sure you can think of a few ways.

Continue reading