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Male, Married and Loves to Wear Panties

We’re Panty Drop, an intimates company for all shapes and sizes, where you take a quiz and our panty experts find your perfect style and size. Our panties come in all different patterns and fabrics. We know no boundaries when it comes to size (XS-6XL)…and gender as well.

Around 15% of our community is male or identified as males. Was it a surprise to us? Actually, no, because we’re now in 2020 (come on folks) and about 1 in every 25 males in America wear panties.

You might assume that all these men are gender fluid or gay, but in fact many of them identify as straight males and are married. Want to take a peek into these fabulous lives where panties are shared and butts hang free? Read on!

My wife loves them on me

– Anonymous

I was 35 and my wife bought them from Kohl’s (they were Jockey brand for women) for me because I complained a lot about my underwear being too bulky. I loved how they felt and they were so light and the smaller waist band didn’t hurt my stomach like men’s underwear did.

I wear them daily and my preference is the bikini and high cut but I do wear thongs as well.

They make me feel sexy and comfortable. My wife loves them and they also keep me cooler down there. I keep them a secret but my wife’s friends know about them and they are okay with it.

The first time I wore panties, I was probably age 10

– Anonymous

I had some allowance money saved up and bought a couple pairs from a K-Mart that was on my way home from school. I don’t even remember what they looked like. I just remember stopping by the K-Mart everyday on my way home from school and sneaking in and buying panties. 

I wear panties a few days a week. It’s not a special occasion. Sometimes I wear panties to feel sexy. Sometimes I just like how they feel or look. I feel more confident knowing I’ve got my panties on. I feel sexy and empowered.

I’m very secretive about it. Only my wife knows and she’s cool with it. When we got married she was like “You wear whatever you want” and hasn’t really brought it up. 

I think men who want to wear panties should just go for it. It doesn’t make you less “manly”. In fact, it might boost your self-esteem knowing that you’re wearing something sexy and beautiful. I think for me there are several reasons to wear panties:

  1. A good pair of panties is way more comfortable than any men’s underwear.
  2. They are so many choices in cut, style, colors, fabrics, etc. 
  3. They look fantastic!  
  4. They make you feel sexy and confident.

I love thongs. They are very comfortable and sexy at the same time. It took me a long time to figure out the correct sizing because of the anatomical differences. There are all sorts of different styles and fabrics which I appreciate. My wife does enjoy it when I wear a sexy thong or g-string. I think it spices things up a bit. The right thong or g-string gets us both in the mood.

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27 replies on “Male, Married and Loves to Wear Panties”

I myself also love wearing women’s thongs. Especially the colors of pink and hot pink.
I have a very nice selection to choose from and i wear them 24/7.
I have been now for years.


Hi Scott
Lovely to hear your comments about wearing thongs, I love wearing tiny women’s thongs and sometimes male gstrings, they are so sexy to wear


I’m a middle aged male and in the last year I have started to ware panties. I LOVE the feel and the way they make me feel. My wife is not so hot with the fact I ware them. She says they are for ladies. Needless to say I ware my panties daily and love every minute of it!


I have been wearing panties for years and my wife doesn’t care in the least. I am glad companies such as this are recognizing that fact.

“Around 15% of our community is male or identified as males. Was it a surprise to us? Actually, no, because we’re now in 2020 (come on folks) and about 1 in every 25 males in America wear panties.” Thanks, that is brilliant.


I wear them 4 to 5 days a week, I like the way they fit. Mens underwear fit me so strangely that i got to the point i can’t wear most styles. My wife doesn’t approve so i can’t let her know.


I love panties (and bras), the feel and confidence wearing them brings. Every day is a new experience. I could go two months and never wear the same set twice


I am a middle aged man, happily married and been wearing panties for years. I started because of genetics. I come from a family with ample sized butts, and if you have ever had to buy men’s clothes then you know they are not cut for big butts. I found they fit more comfortably and allowed a lot more choices. And by the way this valentines day my got me the monthly subscription. I love them.


Been wearing them since I was a pre adolescent teen. First wife didn’t like it. I’ve got north of 100 pairs, all Victoria’s Secret and more than 20 bras too! Most of my panties are thong or v string… number of sexy hipsters too


That is so awesome, as myself have a very nice selection of thongs and bras mostly from Victoria Secret and Adore Me. My favorite colors are pink and hot pink. Have been wearing women’s thongs and bras and panties now for quite some time and i just love it..


i also am a middle aged man, been wearing off and on since my teen years. Told my wife about my obsession about ten years ago. She knew of my fetish, because ive bought all her panties since weve been married, about 35 years now. She was totally cool with it, and we went out shopping that weekend. Ive been wearing pretty much every day since then. Openly in front of her. I do have some male underwear as i wear them when i know im going to be with the boys. Working, hunting, fishing, quads, that sort of thing.


Been wearing 24/7 for 5 1/2 years. My wife is fine with it. First time I wore a pair I was 6 years old. Loved them ever since, wearing them occasionally until I turned 50. From then on it’s been all I wear. I don’t know why Jockey, VS, Calvin Klein, and VF can’t market their bikini and hipster panties as unisex? They fit better than any male marketed underwear. Thanks for providing this forum!


I wear panties and a bra daily and my wife knows and approves She found out shortly after we started dating and not only did it excite her, from that point on she started encouraging me getting me to wear other items of women’s lingerie, like a panty girdle, daily.


I am a crossdresser, my wife knows and accepts. Due to a medical issue, I have changed to panties and a liner everyday. So much more comfortable, and I admit, I do enjoy wearing a pad. Yes, my wife knows and understands


It sounds like you and your wife, Valentina, are like I and my wife. Fortunately I don’t have a medical issue, but I do wear panties and a bra daily. In fact I haven’t owned nor worn male undites in many many yearsw. Yes I love the look, feel and fit of lingerie.


Seems we do share some of the same desire and enjoyment. Even if I didn’t have a medical issue, wearing panties and a pad would still be a joy. For me, wearing a bra and panties just compels me to finish dressing, and enjoy letting Valentina come to life, breath, and smile. Thanks for understanding


I started wearing panties 11 years ago during recovery from groin surgery. Obviously more comfortable. I haven’t worn men’s underwear since. My choice is full briefs in different styles. I had a wonderful sales associate help with my selection, fabric, style, and size.


Awesome Jarrat! I haven’t owned nor worn anything other than lingerie for 3 decades and woment’s clothes since I got married which was over 2 decades ago.


Hi, I’ve been wearing panties (knickers!) on and off since before I was a teen. First just curious about why my mum wore ‘pants with lots of holes in them’. The lacy knickers were nice, comfortable and I started wearing them whenever I could. By the time I had left university and started work, I had a small collection which I wore very occasionally, but in mid ’93 I decided to only wear women’s underwear. I now have a collection of well over 400. Enough to wear one every day of the year and still have some left over. My favourites are fine microfibre/ lycra / elastane mixes with nylon not cotton. Mostly M&S, but some others as well. I married late and told my wife to be the very first time we were intimate. She was startled but accepted it. She isn’t turned on by it, but also isn’t turned off by it. She tolerates and accepts it and acknowledges that I can’t change that part of my life, but doesn’t particularly like it.


I have always worn mens underpants such as Y Front and shorts until the day I went to Hospital to be fitted with a Catheter after a Operation. I was unable to sit down or drive a car as my under wear wasn’t flexible for the Catheter. After advice I purchased some ladies panties from a store and from that day onwards my life changed for ever. I still had the Catheter for many months until it was removed but I still carried on with the ladies panties (nothing else you hear about) I even tell people about it and they seem very understanding about it. I live alone and I feel very comfortable when I go out and about. No more shorts or Y front for me again.


Started wearing full time a few years back. Wife is cool about it and doesn’t mind.. she washes and folds them neatly in my panty drawer and never complains when I buy more.


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